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About Video - History of Earth Part 3 | ഭീകര ഉരകജീവികളുടെ കാലം | Malayalam | AnTalk #malayalamscience #antalk History of Earth Part 3 | ഭീകര ഉരകജീവികളുടെ കാലം | Malayalam | AnTalk #malayalamscience #antalk SAY HI ON INSTAGRAM: Email : Facebook Page : Contents: 0:00 Intro 0:57 Permian–Triassic extinction event 1:13 Mesozoic era 1:30 Triassic period 3:08 Igthyosaurs 4:40 Archosaurs 6:10 Pterosaurs 7:25 Dinosaur 8:20 Mammals 10:00 Triassic extinction event Triassic era was the period from 250 million years ago to 200 million years ago. Ancestors of todays crocodiles, called Archosaurs were the apex predators of that time on land. They dominated all over the world. Dinosaurs in this age was very small compared to archosaurs. During this time, the vast oceans were filled with an amazing type of reptiles called Ichthyosaurs. With long neck and sharp serrated teeth, they were terrifying creatures. There was a land dwelling reptile known as Carnufex Carolinesis, which could walk on 2 legs, like theropod dinosaurs.But, they were not dinosaurs, instead they were a type of crocodile. The skies were also filled with life during this time. Pterosaurs dominated the skies. They were often referred as flying dinosaurs. In fact, they too were a type of reptiles. These amazing and terrifying prehistoric creatures ruled all over the world. But, they ended up extinct during a mass extinction event happened about 200 million years ago. Watch this video to know more about the history of earth in the TriasqHFIOUCO Watch part-1 Hear👇🏻 Watch part-2 Hear👇🏻 Watch part-3 Hear 👇🏻 ancient earth triassic period triassic earth malayalam facts malayalam triassic malayalam science channel dinosaurs age of dinosaurs dinosaur earth earth malayalam earth history history of earth malayalam facts malayalam facts video science science malayalam prehistoric planet prehistoric animals malayalam fact science ancient history m4 tech storify malayalam facts mojo top 10 malayalam af world facts fact AnTalk Keywords: ancient earth,triassic period,triassic earth,47 arena,malayalam,47 arena malayalam,facts malayalam,triassic,malayalam science channel,dinosaurs,age of dinosaurs,dinosaur,earth,earth malayalam,earth history,history of earth,malayalam facts,malayalam facts video,science,science malayalam,prehistoric planet,prehistoric animals,malayalam fact science,ancient history,m4 tech,storify malayalam,facts mojo,top 10 malayalam,af world,facts,fact,AnTalk