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About Video - Shinjiro otani injury | shinjiro otani injury video Shinjiro Otani hospitalized with potential spinal injury after botched move during wrestling show Japanese wrestling veteran Shinjiro Otani suffered a serious injury during a ZERO1 show this Sunday. Otani is the acting president of ZERO1. While he wrestled in NJPW until 2001, he has been firmly attached to the ZERO1 promotion since leaving New Japan. Otani became a top star at the promotion after Hashimoto left in 2004. Despite his age, the 49-year-old wrestler has been a constant in the ring and has worked alongside top Japanese stars. Unfortunately, during his latest match, when facing Takashi Sugiura in the main event of the ZERO1 show, he took a dangerous German suplex into the turnbuckle. The move didn't go according to plan, and Dave Meltzer stated that he was unable to continue after the German suplex and had to be stretchered out of Sumo Hall to the hospital. shinjiro otani ohtani injury 大谷 晋二郎 怪我 大谷 晋二郎 頚椎 損傷 プロレスラー 頚椎 損傷 プロレス 頚椎 損傷