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About Video - A Symposium Exploring Autoimmune Diseases Race for RP and the Relapsing Polychondritis Foundation in conjunction with the Northern Michigan University School of Nursing, AARDA, TV6, and Fox Upper Peninsula, presented a remarkably successful Autoimmune Disease Symposium in Marquette, Michigan.We brought together leading experts in the field of Autoimmune Diseases including:Dr. Suzan Manzi, MD, MPH, Chair of the Allegheny Health Network (AHN) Medicine Institute and Chair of the Lupus Foundation of America;Dr. Joseph Ahearn, MD, Chair of the AHN Autoimmunity Institute; andDr. Emily Somers, PhD, ScM, an autoimmune disease specialist from University of Michigan, who directs the Michigan Lupus Epidemiology & Surveillance (MILES) Program.Thank you, Kohr Motorsports, for graciously providing the No. 59 Race for RP Ford Mustang GT 350, a beautiful and powerful awareness magnet on the NMU campus, in the parade, and at the homecoming game.We thank our distinguished keynote speakers, the NMU nursing students, event organizers, volunteers, and advocates for helping us. We were pleased to offer continuing education credits (CEUs and CMEs) to the healthcare professional and future clinicians who attended the symposium.We especially acknowledge Dave Bammert, the RP Foundation’s President, and Kristi Robinia, PhD, RN, the Associate Dean and Director of the NMU School of Nursing.#RaceforRP #RelapsingPolychondritis #DrivingAwareness #AcceleratingResearch #AutoimmuneDisease #Autoimmunity #Autoimmune #ShareNMU