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About Video - Bashar | PARALLEL UNIVERSES | PARALLEL EARTHS Bashar | PARALLEL UNIVERSES | PARALLEL EARTHS Join us as Bashar provides profound insights into the fascinating concepts of parallel universes and parallel Earths. This session explores the nature of parallel realities, how they coexist, and the impact they have on our current experience. Bashar shares practical advice on accessing and navigating these parallel realities, understanding their significance, and how to leverage this knowledge for personal and spiritual growth. *🌟 What You'll Learn:* - Understanding the concept of shifting between Parallel Universes and Parallel Earths - The Nature of Parallel Realities and how multiple dimensions impact our lives - How Parallel Realities Coexist - Techniques to Access and Navigate Parallel Realities as insights into consciousness expansion - Leveraging Knowledge of Parallel Universes for Growth and spiritual awakening *🔔 Perfect For You If:* You love exploring spiritual concepts or are a fan of Bashar channeling. We’ve crafted this video to enrich your journey towards transforming your life and aligning you with your true essence. *🔗 Related Videos:* - [Bashar on Overcoming Fear to creating your desiredreality]( - [Bashar on Writing Your Life story]( - [Bashar on Negative Ego Vs Higher Mind]( *📢Connect with Us:* - [Instagram]( - [Facebook]( - [Twitter]( For further details regarding Darryl Anka/Bashar's live channeling streams, transmissions, or events, and to buy Bashar's videos or audio content, kindly visit the following links to show your support: Titles: Bashar | PARALLEL UNIVERSES | PARALLEL EARTHS Key topics include Understanding Parallel Universes, Nature of Parallel Realities, Coexistence of Realities, Accessing Parallel Earths, and Personal Growth. Dive into the mind-expanding concept of parallel realities as explained by Bashar. In this video, Bashar discussed how we shift between billions of parallel realities every second and what this means for our understanding of the universe and our personal growth. *Sound Bites:* - "Parallel universes and Earths exist simultaneously, influencing our experiences." - "Navigating parallel realities can enhance personal and spiritual growth." - "Understanding the nature of parallel universes opens new pathways to transformation." *👍 Support Our Channel:* Please like, share, and comment your thoughts below. Don't forget to subscribe for more insights and teachings from Bashar! For further details regarding Bashar's live channeling streams, transmissions, or events, and to buy Bashar's videos or audio content, kindly visit the following links to show your support: *Disclaimer:* Kindly note that our channel is an independent entity with no official association with Bashar Communications. Our goal is to respectfully disseminate bits of Bashar's profound wisdom to enhance understanding and inspire our audience to seek further enlightenment. All materials are the property of Bashar Communications, and they reserve the right to request the removal of any content. We extend our sincerest appreciation to the team behind Bashar for allowing the public to benefit from such transformative teachings. #bashar #basharchanneling #darrylanka #paralleluniverses #parallelearths #parallelrealities #coexistenceofrealities #accessingparallelrealities #personalgrowth #spiritualtransformation #basharteachings #consciousness #positivethinking #mindset #spiritualguidance #basharwisdom #realitycreation #multiverse #quantumRealities #transformativeexperiences *Chapters:* 00:00 Shifting to Different Parallel Realities 08:18 Choosing a Positive State and Taking Aligned Actions 22:26 The Role of Physical Actions in Manifestation 24:31 Navigating Through the Splitting Prism 29:52 The Eye of the Needle: Stripping Away to Emerge as the True Self 35:57 The Impact of Fear-Based Beliefs on the Collective Immune System 40:21 The Role of Ecosystem Destruction in the Spread of Viruses 42:47 Embracing Personal Transformation and Growth in Isolation 45:11 The Five-Step Process for Passing Through the 'Eye of the Needle' 46:26 Informing Oneself from the Future Self and Navigating Parallel Realities 50:08 Taking Aligned Action to Create Shifts and Attract Positive Outcomes 52:56The Power of Forgiveness, Self-Empowerment, and Letting Go 54:01 The Future Self's Guidance Towards a Harmonious Earth 57:20 Shifting to Preferred Realities and Embracing Change 01:07:29 Being an Example for Others to Shift to More Preferred Realities