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About Video - Sita Ram Goel, Ram Swarup , K.Elst : Islamic, Christian, European, Communist imperialism |Jay Reddy All 4 global imperialisms compared: Their Common Lingos || Vocabulary. Their languages Islamic Imperilaism, Christian Imperialism Communist Imperilism, European Imperilasim (source :Perversion of Political parlance in india : Sitaram Goel) /.. credits../ Pics, images, maps, icons CREDIT to: Wiki pages, google search, Karl J .Schmidt -Atlas ; Joseph Schwartzberg- Atlas , and World history at KMLA: Voice of India- (Ram Swarup, K. Elst, Sita Ram Goel) publications : .. VOI..publications site: // Keywords: Sitaram Goel,Ram Swarup,Koenraad Elst,Voice of India,Hinduism,Hindutva,Islam,Jihad,Terrorism,Secularism,Communalism,Partition,Arun Shourie,Hindu nationalism,Imperialism