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About Video - Top 20 Kpop Rappers | Fastest Kpop Idol Rappers (2023) Top 20 Kpop Rappers | Fastest Kpop Idol Rappers (2023) With every K-pop rapper's debut, comes more competition vying for the title of "fastest rapper" in the industry. The position is not easy to hold, taking into account how skilled the current roster is. On this list are several of the fastest K-pop rappers, as of 2023, measured on the number of syllables they can spit per second. Keywords: top 10 kpop rappers,top kpop rappers,fastest kpop rapper,most famous kpop rapper,best kpop rappers,top 20 fatest kpop rappers,most popular kpop rappers,fatest male idol rappers,favorite kpop rappers,fatest rappers in korea,top 10 fatest rappers in kpop,top 10 fastest kpop rappers,best kpop fast rap,male idol best rap moment,south korean rappers,best rap verses in kpop,most iconic rap of kpop,top 5 fastest kpop rappers,top 5 fatest kpop rappers female,kpop