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About Video - Using Madison to KILL RUNAWAY CONVENTION THEORY. Can't subvert the Constitution by implementing it! Here we take on one of the many bogus arguments referring to the possibility that if We The People exercise our Constitutional power and call a convention of states to restrict the power of the federal government without the government having a say, we will create a "Runaway Convention" and the delegates will gain mystical powers and rewrite the Constitution entirely. Fear tactics like that sound familiar? They should. Marxists have been using them for a century. Thing is, now some conservatives have bought into the fear. We are hear to bring everyone to the light. Today we use the Federalist Papers No. 40 to accomplish that task. Learn more and sign the petition at While signing the petition, be sure to sign up and find out ways you can help educate our liberty loving citizens on the Article V movement! Links mentioned in video: List of Soros funded organizations opposed to The Convention of States; Federalist Papers No. 40 Check out our COS Patriot Store by clicking below! Don't forget to check out our website to learn more about Article V and how We The People can unite to take our country back and bring the power back where belongs, WITH THE STATES! Youtube Channel: Facebook Page: MeWe Page: Rumble Channel: Website: Keywords: Patriot Think Tank,Patriot,USA,Freedom,US Constitution,America,merica,Convention of states,Article V,Article 5,State Sovereignty,Constitutional Amendment,Small Government,Big Government,Term Limits,Balanced Budget Amendment,Government Overreach,Runaway convention,James Madison,Federalist papers 40,Federalist papers,Madisons notes