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About Video - DeafBlind Awareness Week: A Message from Bapin! For DeafBlind Awareness Week, we have a message from Anindya "Bapin" Bhattacharya, from the Helen Keller National Center. Bapin, who is DeafBlind, inspires us with his advice to create your own journey and pursue your aspirations with a positive mindset and determination. Helen Keller National Center partners DeafBlind individuals as they navigate life's pathways toward greater independence, meaningful employment, and achieving their personal milestones. Watch, share, and be inspired by Bapin’s message! We also encourage you to visit to download our DeafBlind Awareness Week graphic and share it across your social media channels with the hashtag #DBAW24. Video Transcript: [Audio Description] A Deaf Blind Man sits on a chair and signs in ASL to the camera. Hello, my name is Anindya Bhattacharyya, but most people call me Bapin. This is my sign name. It's a B over the hand, like the sign for wood. I am DeafBlind. I am from India. I have been working here at the Helen Keller National Center for 25 years. I am the coordinator of the National Outreach Technology Development and Training Program, and I am also the coordinator for the National DeafBlind Equipment Distribution Program. I cover two states, Florida and Iowa. My advice here for DeafBlind people is that you should create your own journey, to think about how you want to live your life. Everybody has their own journey, everybody has their own dreams, their passions and aspirations of how they want to live life. Nobody should tell you that you can't do it. You have to have the attitude, the positivity, and the mindset to say that I can do it. And for me, that's what I do. You have to keep positive and keep on going if you want to be successful in life. My advice is if you want to go to college, if you want to have a career, you want to have a job, you just have to go for it. You have to do it. Like for me, for example, I love woodworking and I know that I'm able to do it. I love technology. I can do it. I love to travel the world. I know that I can do that also. These are my passions and I've been successful at it. And I think anybody who is DeafBlind, if they set their own agenda, they can live their life to their fullest, and they can accomplish what they want with hard work. Thank you. [Audio Description] Fades to the Helen Keller National Center logo and a QR code to #DeafBlindAwarenessWeek #DBAW24 #HelenKellerServices #DeafBlind #Motivation #DeafBlindAwareness #AccessibilityMatters #InclusionMatters #AssistiveTechnology #AmericanSignLanguage #SignLanguage #DisabilityPride #DeafCulture #Blindness #DeafCommunity Learn more about Helen Keller Services by visiting us at Follow us on social media: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: LinkedIn: Please remember to like, comment, share, and subscribe for more! Keywords: Helen Keller,Helen Keller Services,HKSB,Helen Keller National Center,HKNC,blindness,disabilities,visual impairment,lighthouse,visions,guild,nonprofit,agency,donation,deaf,hearing impaired,low vision,vision loss,deafblind,disabled