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About Video - Three Peat Trout Dinner Hello everyone I'm sharing another great recipe with y"all and for the fish and seafood lovers out there that would like to change your dinner up with a little variety to your average fish dinner. In this video I will be making my 3Peat Trout dish where as I will serving trout 3 different ways in one meal. Please subscribe, like, share and hit that notification bell to stay up to date with my latest recipe videos and thanks for watching enjoy. Keywords: rainbow trout recipe,how to fry trout,how to bake trout,how to cook rainbow trout,baked trout recipe,trout fish recipe,rainbow trout fish recipe,fried rainbow trout recipe,fried trout,baked trout,fried trout recipe,pan seared rainbow trout,pan seared trout,pan seared trout and pasta recipe,pasta and fish recipe,fish and pasta recipe,baked fish and pasta