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About Video - 6197 Light Years - featuring Moog Grandmother My first track created at my remote studio using my Moog Grandmother synthesizer and AKAI MPC One. All synth sounds were created using the Moog Grandmother. The production and mixing was done on the MPC. The track was stereo mix down to Logic Pro for tweaking and mastering. My intention for this track was to have a LoFi and saturated vibe. Keywords: Logic,Synthesizer,mono synth,retro synth,Logic Pro X,Synth,Moog Synthesizer,Mother-32,mono synth bass,Semi-Modular Synth,Moog Minitaur,electro,Logic Pro,moog,Moog Music,Synthesis,Electronic Music,music production,Hardware Synth,synth,analog,Synth bass,Analog synth bass,synth arpagio,Analog Synth,Electronic,Moog,Model D,minimoog,Voyager Old School,Voyager OS,prophet 6,Model 10,Grandmother,Moog Grandmother,Akai,MPC,MPC One,AKAI MPC One,MPC 1,lofi