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About Video - Gales of Song [English Version] | Belle (Upscaled, 4K) La-la-la La-la-la, la-la... Gales of song, guide me through the storm On the wings of a small, simple melody Words take flight and soar They carry me, a world we'll see Looking for a farewell, I pull the threads A life without you I cannot accept I can't tell that lie, I can't let go But now that you're gone, I have to move on Seems like everyone just smiles staring at the sun But what about me? Tell me how I will know where I should go? Oh gales, you sing and guide me! I walk alone, there's more to life I have to know It's just me, lost so far away from home Alone I shut my self in Still the winds howl, they call and their voices lead me Gales of song, guide me through the storm Let the melody lift me high, I'll be me Gales of song, please stay by my side Winds of love, breathe into my life Keywords: Belle english dub,Belle Gales of Song English