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About Video - Homemade pita chips | Tasty snack recipe Today a great, delicious but also responsible snack. If you like something different you can decide to make these homemade pita chips. Great with a dip like hummus, tapenade or guacamole. Ready to see how you can make delicious easy homemade pita chips? Lets get started!For a step by step instruction of the recipe go to this webpage on the tortilla channel: you enjoyed this video, subscribe to our channel and be the first to get more 1 minute food inspiration videos in your inbox.WATCH MORE RECIPE VIDEOS: for more homemade chips recipes? Then watch my no-fat potato chips at or my oven baked tortilla chips at for watching!Follow me at:Website http://www.thetortillachannel.comFacebook Keywords: tortilla channel,,delicious homemade pita chips,tasty homemade pita chips,homemade pita chips recipe,how to make pita chips recipe,tasty tortilla food,pita chips 101,vegan homemade pita chips,huisgemaakte pita chips recept,how to make pita chips,tasty vegan pita chips,hoe maak je pita chips,snack recipe,snack 101,easy homemade pita chips,homemade pita chips,huisgemaakte pita chips