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About Video - HOW TO SAVE MONEY | NO.10 EARLY CHILD-BEARING | INJIBS Early child bearing is one of the 15 shocking things that take money from you and these fall under the main topic How To save Money. Follow Injibs Cosmets carefully as he makes it clear how this affects your finance. topic is how to savemoney one of the 15 shocking things thattake money out of our bank accounts... outof our hands... out of our wallets and ourpockets. Is child bearing... we've mentionedall of the things that take money fromour pockets, we've been in doubt in ourprevious videos and right now we are onthe 10th we are on the 10 things thatthat is one of the 15 shocking thingsthat take money out of our wallets outof our bank accounts out of our pocketswe work so hard you get up every morningand you go to work you work extra hoursyou work more night shifts you workovertime but then you earn a lot ofmoney but then you do not actually seethat way that money goes I'm speakingright now to people who have jobs peoplewho earn money who people who work I'mnot speaking to people who knowunemployed people who don't have jobsand people who I'm speaking to those whoearn money you earn a lot of money youget your money but you do not see whereyour money goes what are the things thattake your money we mentioned 15 shockingthings that take your money out of yourhands without even knowing what they areso go back to our videos previous videosor go to my playlist you will find allof the thing 15 shocking things thattake money out of your wallet so rightnow the topic that we are on is how tosave money in one of the 15 shockingthings that tip money is Charliechildbearing what does a little bearingup to do with this you find that peoplewho live in povertyhave got a tendency a tendency of givingbut I don't know if it could be theirentertainment or or is what consolesthem from being living in poverty Idon't know if it's what comforts them ifthey don't have TVs or it's the it's theentertainment that they have but peoplewho live in poverty have a tendency ofbearing children especially at an earlyage I'm not talking about people who aremarried and people who are maturedenough to give back to to kids but I'mtalking about the early childbearingwhy would someone give birth at the ageof 13 at the age of 12 at the age of 14that time you're still busy in schoolyou should be focusing on your studiesyou shouldn't be childbearing at the ageof 15 early childbearing is what has putpeople in poverty especially thedeveloping countries you'll find thatkid a child comes into this world achild is brought into this world withoutany provision without having anypreparations without having any trust orwithout having any any trust fund orhaving any preparations that have beendone for that child you find the motherherself she's actually underprivilegedthe child herself she's still in schoolthe child herself she's still a teenagerherself she's struggling she'sstruggling with this and that schoolfees is a struggle I'm putting food onthe table is a struggle and then youfind her so she goes ahead and forpregnant what is the problem with thepeople who live in poverty there issomething that really should be doneabout this whole child earlychildbearing you do not have anyprovision you do not have any trust fundon you but then you go ahead and poorpregnant and then next thing you bring achild into this world and then how willthe child survive if there is no enoughprovision for that childyou find that peoplego ahead in for pregnant without evenknowing how they couldn't look after thechild the child comes into this worldand the child doesn't even have anyclothes or any food on the table on adaily basis but it's always the incomethat comes in is from hand to mouth youdon't even know what is the next mealfor that child but then you bring andthen both you bring an innocent childinto the world are you saying now shouldpeople not give pat and go get pregnantthat's not what I'm sayingall I'm saying is be prepared to bring achild into this world a child is aresponsibility a child is a huge hugeresponsibility that you really need totake care of before you even think ofbringing a child into this world doesthe child have enough that will takecare of him the person that we sleepwith who gets you pregnant does he eatis he capable of looking after a childis he gonna leave you with a child or ayeast burner is he gonna run away or