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About Video - Jeddah Airport Tour | King abdulaziz international airport | North terminal | New Terminal Walking Tour Saudi Arabia Jeddah International Airport New Terminal New Terminal Building: Start your tour at the new terminal building itself. Explore its architectural design and learn about its features and facilities. There may be information desks or guides available to provide additional details. Art Installations: Many modern airports feature art installations that provide a cultural touch. Look for any artwork or sculptures within the terminal. Restaurants and Cafes: If the terminal is operational, check out the dining options available. You may find both local and international cuisine to sample. Duty-Free Shopping: Explore the duty-free shops, where you can purchase various items, including luxury goods, perfumes, and souvenirs. Observation Deck: If there is an observation deck, visit it for panoramic views of the airport and the surrounding area. It's a great spot for plane spotting. Gardens or Green Spaces: Some airports incorporate green spaces or gardens for relaxation. If available, these areas can offer a tranquil escape. Cultural Displays: Airports in Saudi Arabia often showcase cultural displays and exhibitions. Check for any displays highlighting the region's history, traditions, or innovations. Terminal Services: Learn about the services offered within the terminal, such as lounges, prayer rooms, and children's play areas. Transportation Options: Understand how traveller can access and leave the airport. This may include information about taxis, buses, or rental car services. Security and Regulations: If you're visiting as a tourist, be aware of security procedures and regulations specific to the airport. It's essential to follow any guidelines in place. Please keep in mind that the status and availability of these features may change, so it's crucial to check with the airport authorities or visit their official website for the most current information and any special requirements, especially if you plan to conduct a walking tour in a secure area of the airport. Additionally, respect any security measures and rules in place to ensure a safe and enjoyable visit. #saudiarabia#saudiarabiacity#saudiwalkingtour#riyadhsaudiarabia#arabiawalkingsaudi #arabiavlogmecca#saudi#arabia,saudiarabi jeddah,#4k walkingtour#saudiarabia,saudi #walkingtourriyadh #citytoursaudiarabia#walkingtour4k#saudiarabiatravel#guidetourist insaud#arabiasaudi#walkingtourfrance #saudiarabianews#DrYasirAzmat Hajj terminal Jeddah airport Jeddah airport tour Jeddah airport night Jeddah airport train Jeddah airport inside Hajj terminal Jeddah airport King abdulaziz international airport Jeddah airport Jeddah airport landing Dubai Jeddah airport Jeddah north terminal Jeddah airport new terminal Dr. Yasir Azmat Keywords: Walking Tour Saudi Arabia Jeddah International Airport New Terminal,Dr. Yasir Azmat,saudi arabia,walking tour jeddah airport,walking tour l saudi arabia | jeddah international airport new terminal,Tour Saudi Arabia Jeddah International Airport New Terminal,jeddah airport,new jeddah airport,jeddah,jeddah new airport,airport,jeddah airport hd,takeoff jeddah airport,landing jeddah airport,jeddah airport landing,international jeddah airport,saudi arabian airlines