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About Video - How to Pay a Credit Card Off With $0 Additional Income or Increasing Payments How to Pay a Credit Card Off With No Additional Income or Increasing Payments Learn how to pay off your credit card without having additional income or increasing payments. I cover a couple topics that are important to understand and can help you pay debt down faster. At the end there is an additional tip to amplify this method of debt payment even faster. This is not what many call velocity banking or infinite banking. I show you step by step exactly how to do it. This is often called a velocity banking strategy and works to pay off credit cards fast. After watching you will understand what “Pay in Fast and Expense Last” means and how to apply it. 00:00 How to Pay a Credit Card Off With No Additional Income or Increasing Your Payments 04:15 Understand 2 Principles First 21:34 Bonus Tip Thanks for watching Hack Your Credit Cards _________________________________________ Pathway to Financial Organization and Success: Calculators : Credit Card, Mortgage and more: ➤ All Calculators : (1) Get out of Debt ➤ Learn Why to Get Out of Debt Now and How Much Money You Can Save : ➤ Get out of Debt Playlist : (2) Start Using Credit Cards to Your Advantage ➤ Credit Card Reviews Playlist : ➤ Credit Card Hacks Playlist : Get out of Debt, Use Credit Cards to Your Advantage Then Save and Invest (3) Save and Invest Brokerages (Stocks) ➤ Interactive Brokers : ➤ Fidelity : Gold & Silver ➤ Vaulted : Crypto IRAs ➤ iTrustCapital : ➤ Bitcoin IRA : ➤ BitIRA : __________ DISCLAIMER: This description may contain links from our affiliates, sponsors, and partners. If you use these products, we will get compensated - but there's no additional cost to you. Always do your own research. This video content is intended only for informational, educational, and entertainment purposes. Brian Longest is not a registered financial advisor. Your use of his YouTube channel and your reliance on any information on the channel is solely at your own risk. Moreover, the use of the Internet (including, but not limited to, YouTub and E-Mail) for communications with Brian does not establish a formal business relationship. #creditcard #payoffdebt #howto #hackyourcreditcards Keywords: pay off credit cards fast,credit card interest,how to pay off debt fast,velocity banking,credit card,infinite banking,velocity banking explained,velocity banking strategy,how to pay off debt,How to Pay a Credit Card Off With No Additional Income or Increasing Payments,credit card debt,credit cards,personal finance,pay off debt,debt free,how to get out of debt,how to pay off credit card debt fast,paying off credit card debt,How to Pay a Credit Card Off