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About Video - wonderful health benefits of tulsi||tulsi||basil leaves Basil leaves(Tulasi) is a sacred and remarkable herb loaded with numerous health benefits.Many people also plant it in their kitchen gardens so that they can fetch a handful when needed it cures cough & other respiratory Disorders and most Indian households worship basil (Tulsi) and have a space dedicated for it near the entrance of their homes. Right from immunity to gut health, basil contains Vitamin A, Vitamin K, Iron, Manganese, Calcium, and essential oils goodness of antioxidants, immunity Booster, including beta-cryptoxanthin, zeaxanthin, lutein, and beta-carotene.These are bioactive plant compounds that shield you from various cancers, such as skin cancer, lung cancer, oral cancer, and liver cancer it benefits your digestive and nervous system while ensuring that you have optimal digestion and a proper pH balance in your body. Basil leaves also relieves constipation by acting as a bulk-forming laxative.we can do recipes by using basil leaves. _____________________________________________ Find Us on : Instagram : Facebook : Twitter : _____________________________________________ #commoncoldcough #immunityboosterdrink #bloodpurifier #bloodpressure #reducesstress #goutyarthritis #immunitybooster #respiratorydisorders #kidneystones #skincancer #cancer #heartdisease #arthritis #diabetes #immunesystem #oralcancer #livercancer #lungcancer #pHbalance #constipation #skinproblems #insulinlevels #fever #sorethroat #urinaryinfections #skinallergies #abdominalinfections ______________________________________ Please do watch our other videos for ayurveda health tips & informative videos:- Miracle wonder herb bhrigaraj|For natural hairgrowth Effective home remedies for piles|Hemorrhoids|Ayurveda tips. Surprising medicinal properties of pudina|why mint leaves are good for you|weight loss drink. treating serious constipation issue by Ayurveda||home remedy||tips for constipation issue. Saraswathi leaves health benefits according to Ayurveda in English. Trikatu churnam uses and benefits||Constipation||Indigestion problems. home remedies for urinary track infection||How to treat UTI||Remedies for UTI. Benefits of triphala churnam||Benefits and uses of triphala||Ancient herbs. Effective home remedy for irregular period||Gynec problem tip||Ayurveda treatment for period problem. Everything you need to know about Amla Health benefits. Pomegranate benefits for Good health. Keywords: tulsi leaves benefits,tulsileaves,tulsi health benefits in english,tulsi health benefits for face,tulsi health benefits for hair growth,tulsi leaves for cold and cough in babies,tulsi leaves for pimples,tulsi leaves uses,uses of tulsi leaves for skin,basil leaves benefits,basil leaf,Immunity Booster,health benefits of tulsi leaves,tulsi purifies blood,tulsi Reduces Cough & Other Respiratory Disorders,tulsi leaves Reduces Cold,basil medicinal uses