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About Video - One Cup of this Magical Drink before Sleep for 21 Days to Lose Weight | BedTime Drink for Fat Loss Hello Everyone, it time for this months Bedtime Drink recipe. It’s our caffeine Free Bedtime Drink for Healthy weight Loss. It’s a magical drink to Boost digestion, metabolism and immunity. It can Also Help improve sleep quality and reduce belly fat by combating indigestion and bloating. It’s Highly beneficial during this season. Its the Best non caffeinated spiced drink to prevent and treat seasonal cough, cold, sinus and congestion. It can Provide relief from muscle pains and Reduce anxiety, stress, mood swings and seasonal depression . If combined with a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet, one cup of this can do wonders in your weight loss journey. Recent videos From the Channel: August 2023 Weight Loss Challenge Healthy Paneer Pakoda Made in 1 tsp oil Recipe All you need for Healthy Weight Loss Healthy High Protein prebiotic Smoothie Recipe 5 Foods backed by science for Weight Loss 👉 For more videos & updates do Subscribe : Follow us on Instagram: Subscribe to my Recipe channel @FitFood Flavours: Visit Our Website to find Written English version of the videos: #foodfitnessfun #fitfoodflavours *The Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. 👉 Tags & Keywords : Bed time drink Bedtime tea Bedtime milk Caffeine free tea Bedtime drink for weight loss Weight loss drink Drink to lose weight Bed time tea to lose weight Weight loss tea Tea to lose weight De caffeinated tea Chana tea Chickpeas tea Cardamom tea Fennel tea Turmeric tea tea for weight loss Healthy drink for weight loss Hindi Caffeine free tea Saunf to lose weight Ayurvedic recipe Herbal drink Monsoon tea Rainy sesaon weight loss drink Best for weight loss Keywords: Bed time drink,Bedtime tea,Bedtime milk,Caffeine free tea,Bedtime drink for weight loss,Weight loss drink,Drink to lose weight,Bed time tea to lose weight,Weight loss tea,Tea to lose weight,De caffeinated tea,Chana tea,Chickpeas tea,Cardamom tea,Fennel tea,Turmeric tea,tea for weight loss,Healthy drink for weight loss,Hindi,Saunf to lose weight,Ayurvedic recipe,Herbal drink,Monsoon tea,Rainy sesaon weight loss drink,Best for weight loss,Haldi tea