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About Video - Uriah Heep - The Park Music: The Park - Uriah Heep Indian-Summer/Fall-Images from the Botanical Gardens and Slottsskogen-Park in Gothenburg, Sweden. For years I took Uriah Heep's "The Park" as just a beautiful song about a beautiful park. Only while working on this little image-show did I realize that the song is in memory of a young man "who died in a needless war". I came to think of a young man who suffered this fate and had a memorial plaque in this very park I was taking my pictures. David was a young Swede who went to New York to work for a while at a company located high up in the World Trade Center. He did not survive the terror attacks on September 11th 2001. I dedicate this little image-show to him - as one of the many youngsters whose dreams do not soar any longer since their lives were cut short by needless war and senseless violence. Keywords: Gothenburg,Göteborg,memory,David,minne,WTC,terror,attack,Botaniska,Trädgården,Slottsskogen,The,Park,Uriah,Heep