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About Video - Medicare Simply | Insider Updates | Book Revisions | Expert Insights Medicare Simply | Insider Updates | Book Revisions | Expert Insights __________________________ ✅Summary This video from Jae Oh, CFP, Author of Maximize Your Medicare, discusses various topics related to financial planning, Medicare, and healthcare costs. The host explores the capabilities of Chat GPT, provides updates on Medicare communication and book revisions, shares takeaways from an education conference, and highlights the importance of understanding one's health status. They discuss the implications of Medicare eligibility for married couples, the role of artificial intelligence in providing information and introducing concepts, and the significance of considering long-term care insurance. The video also touches on health savings accounts, the importance of a healthy lifestyle, and planning for out-of-pocket costs. The host emphasizes the need for personalized advice from financial advisors with expertise in healthcare costs and highlights the complexity and potential cost implications of mistakes in Medicare planning. Finally, they discuss upcoming changes in Medicare rules and the impact of marketing on consumer decision-making. ✅Highlights ✔ Chat GPT capabilities and using artificial intelligence for financial information ✔ Updates on Medicare communication and book revisions ✔ Takeaways from an education conference on protected income and financial planning ✔ Importance of understanding one's health status for healthcare cost planning ✔ Medicare eligibility and considerations for married couples ✔ The significance of long-term care insurance and its implications ✔ Exploring health savings accounts and flexible spending accounts ✔ The role of a healthy lifestyle in healthcare cost options ✔ Planning for out-of-pocket costs and the complexities of insurance contracts ✔ The value of consulting a financial advisor with expertise in healthcare costs ✔ Upcoming changes in Medicare rules and the impact of marketing on consumer decisions CONNECT: ✅ Subscribe to Jae's Corner on Sub stack: ✅ Your private appointment ✅ Book website: ✅Twitter: ✅Twitter: #Medicare #MedicareExplained #MaximizeYourMedicare — Maximize Your Medicare by Jae Oh @Maximizeyourmedicare ______________________________________________ Not affiliated with any governmental agency. All insurance products sold through this site are processed through the licensed entity/agent: Jae Oh, NPN 15996497. We do not offer every plan available in your area. Any information we provide is limited to those plans we do offer in your area. Please contact or 1-800-MEDICARE to get information on all of your options. Keywords: Medicare Simply Insider Updates,Medicare Simply Insider Updates | Book Revisions and Expert Insights,Book Revisions and Expert Insights,Medicare Simply | Insider Updates |,medicare simply | Book Revisions,medicare simply | insider updates |,medicare simply insider updates | book revisions and expert insights,medicare simply | book revisions,medicare simply insider updates,book revisions and expert insights,medicare,medicare explained,medicare agent,medicare simply