About Video - If God Came to Earth, Would You Listen to Him? #SHORTS If God came tomorrow, wouldn't you want to hear what he has to say? Well, God came to Earth 2000 years ago, and even back then, hardly anybody listened to him. Those who did were ostracized and eventually killed. We can look back on history now and see that it shouldn't have happened that way, and yet we still don't listen to Jesus even NOW. So we need to ask ourselves once again: If God came to Earth, would we listen to him? #god #jesus #faith #christian #shorts Produced by: Ellie Narrated by: Lisa Written by: Leo Credit Music from Uppbeat (free for Creators!): Free Music For Creators License code: X6HNN4XUY7MPFZ2L Keywords: if god came to earth,god came to earth,if god came tomorrow,listen to jesus,don't listen to jesus,teachings of jesus about the kingdom of god,jesus' teachings,teachings of jesus,words of jesus christ,christian teaching videos