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About Video - Need a little help knowing the programs? | Tutorial Tuesdays Hey, Y'all! Welcome to Tutorial Tuesdays! 🎨 Curious about art and design software? Join us for a beginner-friendly adventure! We're checking out Adobe Creative Suite for graphics, Procreate for digital art, and Blender for cool 3D stuff. Whether you're a newbie or just want to brush up on the basics, these tools are here to spark your creativity! Come hang out as we give you the lowdown in a simple and enjoyable way. Don't forget to subscribe – more creative tips are on the horizon! Let's have a blast with digital creativity! πŸš€ #ArtAndDesignSoftware #DigitalArt #CreativeBasics #Tutorial PATREON . . . . . . NEW Etsy Shop: πŸ‘‡ORDER YOUR COLORING BOOK AND ABC BOOK!!!!πŸ‘‡ Discord (behind-the-scenes and Patreon Fam) Need a little joy in your life? J. Cutt MERCH is NOW available! J. Cutt Productions: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Keywords: Art,black art,black artist,black people,procreate,adobe,ipad pro,animation,speed drawings,timelapse,art process,art programs,top free art programs,the best free art programs,digital art,drawing,photoshop,digital painting,tutorial,painting,art,tutorials,krita,art school,how to draw,jazza,best free digital art software,digital art tutorials,digital illustration,medibang,programs,little help,help,Tutorial Tuesdays