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About Video - How To Make Images Clickable On Facebook - Facebook Image Redirect ! Hello friends, I have seen lot of people struggling in making a facebook images clickable they are asking me this question all the time on my facebook on how to make images clickable on facebook account .As we know when we post image on facebook and if someone click on them the image open up but what if we want facebook image to redirect to external website then that was not possible uptil now .So here is my top secret : Go to - On this website just post any website link that you want to make clickable and then submit that link on the website it will give you new link to you that you just need to copy and paste on facebook and now when you will put that link on facebook it will be clickable images on facebook that will be facebook image redirect to external website .So now by making images clickable on facebook you can simply advertise your product your offer on thousand of facebook groups by posting your clickable image link on those groups so once some one click on your clickable images they will be redirected to your targated website .If you want to advertise on facebook groups for your offer you can use fb autoposter where u can just add this clickable image link on autoposter and that poster will post on all facebook groups for you all day and night .Here is the link to autoposter that i use - fbposterapp .com/?id=fivercrazeYoutube video link - now friends you must have learned how to make images clickable on facebook using this facebook image resirect website . By making images clickable on facebook you can double or triple the traffic you recive on your website . Earlier you were sending non clickable images on facebook and asking everyone on how to make your images clickable on facebook but now clickable images are clickable pictures can be created in just 1 minute and clickable images on fb can be shared for instant traffic. This clickable facebook images can get you adsense clicks on your site as well and get lot of optins as well . Make your pic clickable on facebook and get high results for your website from today itsef.Wish you luck, Sumit Kapoor (moneybank35i - money bank) Keywords: how to make images clickable on facebook,facebook image redirect,make images clickable on facebook,how to make your images clickable on facebook,clickable images,clickable pictures,clickable images on facebook,clickable images on fb,images clickable on facebook,facebook clickable pictures,how to make clickable image on facebook,clickable facebook images,make your pic clickable on facebook,make facebook image clickable,moneybank35i,money bank