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About Video - 1936s Antique Rusty Cleaver Restoration ( ASMR RESTORATION ) Hey friends! In this video, I restored a very unique antique rusty cleaver! I found this unique piece from a butcher shop When I went to the meat store to buy some raw meat for the final test of my last video Meat Grinder. ( ). The butcher said that we have a cleaver of grandfather's time. The logo on the cleaver was visible, although some of its words were visible, such as 1930 or 1936. And the way the handle was attached to the cleaver hole with the help of a big bolt. This testifies to the fact that Clever is very old because in modern times it is not so expensive. If it breaks, any butcher will buy a new one and will not make such a repair. To be honest, a lot of people liked the last video on Clever ( )and some people objected to why I made a plastic handle. So I choose to restore this cleaver to remove their objection. It was rusty and had a lot of holes in it towards the cleaver, and the bevel was completely crooked. first of all I remove the rust with Electrolysis. And after one hour, wash with water and brush the wire. The original handle was held in a cleaver hole with the help of a big bolt. I didn't really like the shape of the blade and handle and I also didn't want to bolt the handle again. So I decided to make a more ergonomic nice looking overall shape. Next, I started with the grinding wheel to grind away all the pitting from the rust. then I move to the belt sander for a smooth finish, after all the scratches were gone from the belt sander Then it was time for hand sanding. I started with 120 grit, and I moved on with 240. Then 400, 1000 and 1200 at the end. I then had a fine enough surface to be able to mirror polish it on the cotton buffing wheel using three types of compounds white, blue, and red. It took quite some time to do that, but the end result came out absolutely amazing. Moving on to the handle. I decided to make a three part handle two pieces of iron and black oak, Then it was time to give the handle a final sanding with 120, 240, 400, and 1000 grit and apply wooden polish and an extra clear coat (#ad) for the final touch. I had a lot of fun working on this cleaver. Wheel grinding was time-consuming and difficult on the handle, but I was pleased with the ultimate product, which I believe speaks for itself. I hope you like my work and the video. Support this channel with Like, Share, Subscribe, and Shopping - AMAZON (#ad) Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate, I make money from eligible buyers. I can get a small affiliate commission if you buy a product by clicking on this link. (It's like a referral fee). I use this referral fee to buy products for new videos and to further improve this channel, thanks Keywords: restoration,cleaver restoration,cleaver,Antique Rusty Cleaver - Restoration,Cleaver restoration,rusty cleaver,Antique Cleaver,Cleaver,Coffee Etching,restoration circle,watch restoration,blacksmithing,knife restoration,restoring,knife making,asmr restoration,rust removal,restoration asmr,electrolysis rust removal,rust restoration,rusty knife restoration,restoration knife,cleaning rusty tools,satisfying restoration,restoration videos asmr