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About Video - How To File A Tax Return // Wealthsimple & TurboTax! Use this link to get 10% OFF Canadian Finance Pro: How To File A Tax Return // Wealthsimple & TurboTax! New Videos Every Week - Subscribe Here: Follow me on Instagram: Follow me on Twitter: - Hey guys, welcome to the channel I'm a full time Chartered Accountant as well as a part time Real Estate agent with a background in finance, investing, budgeting and of course, real estate. I've been on a personal mission for the last 10 years to build multiple streams of income, including both passive and active income. On this journey, I've gained a ton of domain knowledge about personal finance and investments that I would love to share. My goal for this channel is to help you understand basic taxes, personal finance, investing, budgeting and expense management. #taxes Keywords: how to file income tax return,how to file your own taxes,how to file taxes on turbotax,canadian taxes,canada taxes,wealthsimple tax,how to file taxes in canada,passive income,tax return canada,how to file taxes,wealthsimple tax canada,tax return 2022 canada,how to file canadian taxes,tax refund canada,taxes 2022,taxes in canada 2023