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About Video - THE THREE BEST FUJIFILM CAMERA LENSES The Fujifilm GFX camera system has changed everything. Suddenly large format digital is available at a reasonable price point for the entire market and we're left having to make a really important decision. What lens should I get first? The answer to that question is a lot easier than you'd think. I'm breaking down my three favorite Fujifilm GFX camera lenses starting with the one that I use the most. The Fujifilm GF63mm F2.8 is my workhorse and I'll break down exactly why in this video while also showing a ton of examples of photos shot right through this incredible piece of glass. Keywords: 63mm lens,best fuji,best fujifilm lens,camera lens reviews,camera reviews,fuji camera,fuji gfx,fuji lenses,fujifilm,fujifilm cameras,fujifilm gfx,fujifilm lenses,fujifilm x photographer,gfx100,gfx100s,gfx50sii,medium format,miles witt boyer,photographer,wedding photography