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About Video - Digestive Glands Class 7 This video is related to the class 7 science topic of the digestive gland. I-e (liver) and (Pancrease). Video link is The main objective of my channel is to provide basic concepts of fundamental science from grade 6 to onward to facilitate students, especially those who prepare themselves for Cadet colleges and ETEA tests for grants of Scholarships in various institutions across the country. For more updates subscribe to my Channel AsimKhanZoologist To know about me watch my video "All about me and my Channel @AsimKhanZoologist #Science #CadetCollege #ETEA #learntaboutscience Wattsapp 03346136643 Learn about microscope ? Learn about the digestive system Learn about the nervous system and brain ? Learn about plant and animal cell #digestive glands #Digestive gland in urdu/ Hindi Keywords: @AsimKhanZoologist,Digestive glands,Digestive gland in hindi,Digestive gland for class 7,Digestive gland animation