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About Video - Remove Dark Spots On Face - Healing Brush Tool | Adobe Photoshop Tutorial Bangla | Technical Arafat In this video we show how can you Remove Dark Spots On Face using photoshops healing brush tool at only 3 minutes. It is so fast way to work or edit a photo. In this video we are using healing brush tool for removing blemishes. Please feel free to give your opinion in the comment section. If you wants more tutorial of Photoshop let us know. This is our first tutorial on Adobe photoshop in this channel. Keep supporting for more. Speacial thanks to my dear sister, Mst. Mariam Akter Sharmin [Proffesional Graphic Designer & Freelancer] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our facebook page : Our facebook group : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Keywords: How To Remove Skin Blemishes In Photoshop,how to remove dark spots on face using adobe photoshop,how do i remove spot in photoshop,spot healing brush tool,healing brush tool,adobe photoshop cc tutorial bangla,How to lighten dark spots in Photoshop,How to remove dust spots in Photoshop,Photoshop retouching tutorials for beginners,Professional skin retouching in Photoshop,remove spots photoshop,graphic design for beginners,technical arafat