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About Video - What You Need to Know To Make Green Tea Restore Cream Conditioner - DIY Hair care #94 Green Tea Restore Cream Recipe: Full video length 18:57 Become A Member Recipe Page Printable Tip via Paypal: LinkTree ============== FIND CURLYTEA ============== twitter: instagram: patreon: tumblr: mastodon: odysee: minds: pinterest: ======== PODCAST ======== Anchor.FM: Spotify: Pocketcast: Google Podcasts: ============= Recipes ============= Leave-Ins: Moisturizers: Conditioners: Butters: Lotions/Creams: Shampoos: Gels/Serums: Sprays: Others: You Try It: #curlyhair #greentea #naturalhair Keywords: diy,recipes,natural hair,curly hair,haircare,naturalhair,teamnatural,coils,coily hair,kinky hair,conditioner,leave-in,diy conditioner,green tea,green tea conditioner,hair softener,btms-50,oliwax lc,silicones,oil of oregano,hydrolyzed protein,hydrolyzed,humectants,how to,how to make