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About Video - FULL THROTTLE: Red Bull cheats, and they don't have to care because of vague & archaic F1 "rules". Much like the salary cap in many American sports, Formula 1 has a "cost cap" whereby teams can only spend so much in order to at least maintain a public persona of trying to be fair and competitive. Red Bull has been caught red-handed breaking the rules, but in reality, they could care less. They, like every other manufacturer, have gobs of cash, they have titles in hand, and they can pay out any fine and not give a damn. Is there any way to fix this nightmare, or for that matter, does FIA even care? Join Greg Creamer and NBC Motorsports Analyst Calvin Fish for some blunt talk and solutions on how FIA can show they are at the very least trying to have real rules with real punishment for those who take advantage of those looking the other way. "Full Throttle Powered by Race for RP" is the only streaming program in video and audio that tells the inside stories of those in open wheel, road course and other forms of motorsports in IMSA, IndyCar, Formula 1 and much more. Download every episode in audio wherever you get your podcasts, and watch every show at Delivered by the Emmy Award winning team at Fuzzy Dogs Productions and Entourage Management LLC, led by Executive Producer and Emmy Winner Ed Berliner. Keywords: imsa,motorsports,indycar,formula 1,racing,rp,relapsing polychondritis,autoimmune,ed berliner,sports,zak brown,mclaren,COTA,us grand prix,calvin fish,nbc sports,red bull racing,cost cap,cheating,breaking the rules,max verstappen,championship