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About Video - God Capture || Exploring free from God Capture God Capture || Exploring free from God Capture What does It really mean? If you have gone through the whole Book, Free From God, you may have some questions. We left a few blank pages which you could utilize. Now before you attempt to answer the questions that you may have, Here Now are the suggested Questions and Answers based on Freed from GOD. A prominent question is, what is the nature of consciousness, and how does it relate to our understanding of the world around us? Even though consciousness is a real, nonphysical entity, a product of the awakening Soul inside you it can be captured. That can be neutralised by Knowing your ancestral history. This will provide a sense of connection and meaning in your life. It can also help you develop a greater appreciation for the experiences and contributions of those who came before you, and the impact they have had on your life and the world around you. Eventually this must erect a solid identity. Identity is closely related to how individuals perceive themselves and their place in the world. How they sustain a clear humane and Soul consciousness under severe trials and temptations to compromise on Ethical Matters of consciousness. YET Identity can be lost or challenged in a variety of ways, both external and internal. There are many ways in which identity can be destroyed. One prominent method is God Capture. This is major course Of what actually happened to Us…. A couple of deities was used to defeat OUR will power, force our Souls & Conscious awareness. Eventually this to buried Our natural identity. Making it easy for them to infect billions with another spirit. A spirit of stupor instead of our ancestral spirits. Are You deceived and under this spirit? Find the answers on how you can know from this awesome fantastic mind blasting video. For more information get in touch with us on Roots- Free from God Book Link- Keywords: god capture,God Capture || Exploring free from God Capture,KhamitHEthics,Exploring free from God Capture,free from God Capture,god,capturing christianity,captured,captured by grace,real god captured,captured my heart,real god caught,manhwa recap god game recaptured,Christian spirit,freefrom god,captured game,captured scary,God Capture Exploring free from God Capture,Exploring God Capture