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About Video - My Praise - Edibass A SONG OF TESTIMONY AND WORSHIP. The inspiration of this song came while I was planning how I would celebrate my birthday and it hit me.. That day wasn't for me or about me but rather was a testimony to Gods love for me and His exceeding grace upon my life so I decided to mark the day by releasing a song of worship and praise and thanksgiving. I pray you encounter God and get abundantly blessed as you partake of this glorious EXPERIENCE. Keywords: Nathaniel bassey,worshipper,christian music,believer of christ,hallelujah praise,thanksgiving,praise,gospel songs,gospel music,your glory,hot praise,hot praises songs in nigeria,nigerian gospel music,nigerian gospel music 2022,worship,worship songs,viral video,music video,music,music 2022,prayer song,praying in tongues,singing in tongues,gospel artist,spirited,spirit chants,spiritual worship songs