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About Video - Ryo Kawasaki - To Hold this Shield [ Fate/Grand Order - Zettai Majuu Sensen Babylonia ] This is the track that opens the show right in the first episode ( if you consider episode 0 as first one ) and the start of this track really captured me a ton. If I do say honestly, the first and the ending section of this track are the ones that I like the most. Although this is a good track in the middle section of it too, but it feels a little different considering the atmosphere set up by the start of the track. I personally feel the first section is the one that should have been focussed on and developed more and the middle one could have been kept as another new track, but anyway. That little piano (or maybe some processed string instrument? I am not too srue) and ambient section from 0:00 to 0:05 was such an instant hook for me. And then when the orchestral strings come at 0:06, this track just reaches its pinnacle for me. The pianos and violins, deep bass, light but deep drums, the track just sounds genuinely amazing at this point, continuing upto 0:41. From 0:42 onwards the theme kind of changes into a kind of transition phase to the action packed part starting at 1:06. The track sounds different but when looking at it overall, it doesn't sound "too different" in terms of theme (but still sounds different) set by the initial tune. It just feels more actiony at this point. The section from 1:06 to 1:12 also sounds quite good in my opinion, but doesn't really top the initial section for me. The rest of the section is also fairly well done in all honestly, but its just that I was having a different expectation from this track from start. This action set section continues to 1:54 and from 1:55, the track goes back to its starting music, but with a slightly different music composition to give the track a closing. Overall a really great track, and once again I am not demeaning the middle section which is good in itself and I do listen to that too at times, its just about what I was looking for in this. PS: Choosing a wallpaper for this was really tough as I wanted to use one that was kind of generalized grand/order wallpaper but the name of the track and the middle action part would not go with that. Looking at the places this was used in the show (especially the start of episode 0), I just want with a bit more on the action side wallpaper. Our rating of this track : 8/10 Overall rating of this anime in terms of its background music : 10/10 Discord : Background: Keywords: To hold this shield,Kono tate ni kakete,この盾に懸けて,Zettai majuu sensen babylonia,fate/grand order