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About Video - What Happens When The Narcissist Knows You Know | Lisa Romano ✅ Register for my most popular groundbreaking transformational and psychologist-approved online healing program: When the narcissist figures out you know who they are, they get triggered. Narcissistic personality disorder is characterized by a lack of empathy, entitlement, and exploitation. When a narcissist knows you know who they are, they will become triggered. Narcissists cannot control their emotions, and they will blame you for why they feel the way they do and why they treat you the way they do. When a narcissist becomes aware that you recognize their narcissistic traits or behaviors, their reactions can vary. It's important to note that individual responses may differ, but here are some common reactions: Defensiveness: Narcissists may become defensive and deny any wrongdoing or narcissistic tendencies. They might deflect blame onto you, question your perception, or invalidate your feelings. Manipulation: Some narcissists are skilled manipulators and may attempt to manipulate the situation to regain control. This could involve gaslighting, projecting their own faults onto you, or attempting to make you doubt your own observations. Rage or Anger: The narcissist might react with anger or rage, especially if they feel their carefully crafted image is being threatened. They may lash out verbally or emotionally, attempting to intimidate or assert dominance. Silent Treatment: In some cases, a narcissist might respond by withdrawing and giving you the silent treatment. This is a form of emotional manipulation to make you feel guilty or anxious, seeking to regain control through your emotional reaction. False Apologies: Some narcissists may offer seemingly sincere apologies, but these are often shallow and insincere. They may apologize for the purpose of maintaining a certain image rather than truly acknowledging and addressing their behavior. Charm Offensive: If the narcissist perceives that charm has worked for them in the past, they might intensify their efforts to manipulate and win you back through flattery, compliments, or gifts. Dismissal: A narcissist may downplay your concerns or dismiss them altogether. They may act as if your observations are irrelevant or inconsequential, undermining the significance of your insights. It's crucial to approach interactions with a narcissist with caution, as they may try to exploit vulnerabilities or manipulate the situation to their advantage. Establishing boundaries, seeking support from others, and considering professional guidance can be essential when dealing with relationships involving narcissistic individuals. Remember that disengaging from such relationships may be necessary for your well-being. 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