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About Video - Asian FRIED CABBAGE AND GROUND BEEF. Dinner In 25 Minutes! Recipe by Always Yummy! Fried, note not braised one, cabbage with ground beef is unusual and very tasty. This dish is cooked in 25 minutes only. The thing is to not cover a pan with lid, it is important, and don’t forget to stir. Cabbage then comes out a little crispy and fried and it gives a dish unique peculiarity. And of course there is some «secret» sauce, it is easy cooked – watch in our video recipe. ✅ Ingredients: • ground beef – 14 oz | 400 g • white cabbage – 1,5 lb | 700 g • carrot – 3 oz | 180 g • minced ginger – 1 tbsp • scallion – 3 stems • garlic – 2 cloves • vegetable oil – 2 tbsp • salt – 1 tsp • ground black pepper – ½ tsp • soy sauce – 4 tbsp • sesame oil – 1 tbsp • brown sugar – 1 tbsp • chili sauce – 1 tbsp • sesame seeds – 1 tbsp ✅ You will need: • carving board • grater or cabbage shredder • bowl • pan 📙 Preparation: 1. Shred the cabbage and carrot thinly, mince the ginger and garlic. 2. Combine the soy sauce, sesame oil, chili sauce and brown sugar in a bowl. 3. Heat a pan with the vegetable oil, add the ground meat and fry for 2 minutes over medium heat, add then the garlic, ginger, salt and black pepper to taste. Fry over medium heat for another 3 minutes. 4. Add the cabbage and carrot and keep frying over low heat for 10 minutes until the cabbage sinks in the pan. If you want softer cabbage then cover with a lid and fry a bit longer to your taste. 5. Add the prepared sauce to the cabbage and stir well, switch the heat off. Sprinkle your fried cabbage and beef with the sesame seeds and chopped scallion. #friedcabbage