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About Video - CREATION Bible Story told by Children // Genesis 1 - 2 (Days 1-7) Riddles, Pancake Art, etc!! In this video, the story of Creation 🌎 as mentioned in the Bible (Genesis 1 - 2) is creatively told by children! There is also pancake art, jokes, and interesting facts just DON'T want to miss this video!!----ABOUT US-----Welcome to Hangin' With the Lee's! We post videos EVERY SINGLE THURSDAY (and also some vids in between)!! We're all about helping you have fun being be the best parent you can be!It's not JUST about checklists and routines… Sure, we've got parenting tips and strategies, and a heap of video ideas to level up your parenting skills. But what good is all of that without having some fun?!That's why we also cover a TON of parenting annoyances, couples videos, challenges, and other cool and family friendly stuff to help you enjoy the good times and laugh at the “bad”!Sounding up your alley? Hit that SUBSCRIBE button and we'll see you in the comments! 😃----- HANG WITH US! ------Instagram: YouTube: Family Facebook: Shirona's Facebook:🎶 MUSIC 🎶Epidemic Sound Keywords: parenting,hanginwiththelees,houston,entertainment,education,christian,parenting tips,creation,bible story for kids,bible story for children,creation bible story for children,genesis bible story,genesis bible story for children,genesis 1-2,creation bible,creation explained genesis,pancake art challenge,bible jokes funny,bloopers,how was the earth made,how was the earth first formed,stories for kids