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About Video - Dual Behaviour of Electron || Atomic Structure Welcome..!!!In this lecture, I discussed Limitations of Bohr's Model of Hydrogen Atom and Dual Behaviour of Electron in detail manner.Here, I have tried to explain the basic theory along with some numericals so that You can understand well those concepts which are hard to understand..I hope you will gain new concepts...Thank You...#cbseguru #dualnature #ofelectron #dualbehaviour Keywords: heisenbergs uncertainty principle,atomic structure,heisenberg uncertainty principle,uncertainty principle,plancks constant,wave-particle duality,de broglie wavelength,de broglie equation,de broglie hypothesis,de broglie theory,structure of atom,de broglie wavelength explained,de broglie equation chemistry in hindi,de broglie wavelength heisenberg uncertainity principle atomic structure #4,de broglie wavelength physics,structure of atom class 11 iit jee,cbse guru