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About Video - Flying the Historic North American Harvard II (T-6G Texan) | Aerobatics at Kjeller | Fly with Magnar "Flying the Historic North American Harvard II (T-6G Texan) | Aerobatics at Kjeller | Fly with Magnar" Join me as I take to the skies in the legendary North American Harvard II, also known as the T-6G Texan, a historic aircraft cherished by the Norwegian Spitfire Foundation (NSF). Established in 2012, the NSF is dedicated to restoring and operating historic aircraft, preserving a significant part of Norway's aviation heritage. Their notable project includes rebuilding PL258, a Spitfire with a storied Norwegian history from WWII. Kjeller Aerodrome, where the NSF is based, is Norway's oldest airport, established in 1912. It is home to more than 30 historic aircraft, including the North American Harvard II. This particular aircraft, registered LN-TEX, was built in 1944 and has seen service with the Royal Air Force, Belgian, Portuguese, and German air forces. The Harvard is renowned for its distinctive sound, a result of its propeller tips breaking the sound barrier. In this video, I am joined by Helge Storflor, an experienced display pilot, who expertly demonstrates the aerobatic maneuvers performed during airshows. The Harvard is an excellent trainer with a reputation for challenging stall and spin characteristics. Helge ensures safety by avoiding low-energy maneuvers during our flight. Experience the breathtaking views over Oslo, especially when we’re flying upside down! For more information about the Norwegian Spitfire Foundation and their efforts, visit Video Index: 00:32 Introduction 04:12 Engine Start and Taxi 08:00 Takeoff and Climb 10:14 Cruise 13:42 Aerobatics 18:13 Arrival and Landing Explore More Videos from Fly with Magnar: 1. ATR 42-600 cockpit view 2. Flying David Gilmour's Yak-52 3. What Skills Are Required to Become a Captain? 4. Flying at Caticlan 5. Why did the pilot go around? 6. ATR powerplant - operations Tags: aerobatics, T-6 Texan, North American Harvard, historic aircraft, Kjeller Aerodrome, aviation history, Norwegian Spitfire Foundation, advanced pilot training, WWII aircraft, vintage aircraft, Royal Air Force, Fly with Magnar, radial engine, aviation enthusiasts, display pilot, aircraft maneuvers, historic flight, Norway aviation, military trainer, PL258 Spitfire SEO-Friendly Tags: North American Harvard II T-6G Texan historic aircraft aerobatics Fly with Magnar Norwegian Spitfire Foundation Kjeller Aerodrome flights aviation history Norway WWII pilot training vintage aircraft flights Royal Air Force trainer Pratt & Whitney R1340 air-cooled radial engine advanced pilot training display pilot maneuvers aviation enthusiasts Norway Pratt & Whitney R1340 WWII Spitfire project Helge Storflor aerobatics LN-TEX Harvard Hashtags: #aerobatics #T6Texan #NorthAmericanHarvard #HistoricAircraft #KjellerAerodrome #FlyWithMagnar #AviationHistory #NorwegianSpitfireFoundation #WWIIPilotTraining #VintageAircraft #AviationEnthusiasts #DisplayPilot #RadialEngine #HistoricFlight #NorwegianAviation #MilitaryTrainer #aviationhistory Keywords: Flying the Historic North American Harvard II (T-6G Texan),Aerobatics at Kjeller,Flying the Historic North American Harvard II,T-6G Texan,Fly with Magnar,North American Harvard II,Kjeller Aerodrome flights,aviation history Norway,LN-TEX Harvard,flying the historic north american harvard ii,north american harvard,north american t-6 texan,aerobatics at kjeller,north american harvard ii,ln-tex harvard,kjeller,harvard,Flying T-6G Texan,flying t-6g texan,t-6 texan