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About Video - This form of Mata is the creator of the universe. Today is the day of Maa Kushmanda. We can also call it a form of creation because it is the power that created this universe. It is believed that before this, there was darkness everywhere in this entire universe. She created this world with her dim smile. This is the reason that she is also called Adishakti. She has eight arms, hence her name is Ashta Bhujadhari. She has different things in her seven arms, while the eighth arm is blessed with salvation. For the upbringing and protection of this world, she sometimes has to take the form of Lakshmi, and sometimes Saraswati. Sometimes takes the form of mother Kali if she needs it. The creator of this universe, whoever calls herself Mother Kushmanda. We are all children of God. Despite being different, we are all one. May Mata's blessings be with all of our children. #happynavratri2022 #festival #shardiyanavratri2022 #kushmandamata #devotees