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About Video - Ideas for India: An interaction on the road ahead for India Ideas for India: An interaction on the road ahead for India Into (0:00) Union of States & Modern India (3:19) All the intuitions emerged from the unions that provided the constitutions, that allow the conversations take place, bcoz it’s a dynamic negotiation emerged modern India. Systematic attack on the Institutions (5:24) There is a crushing affect on these institutions, constitution, election system & the states of India is no longer to negotiate or talk to each other. Role of Opposition (6:35) Our job is to help to build that structure, negotiation framework & to defend that conversation & to make sure that the constitution, institution not captured by RSS the one Idea, but they are accessible to all the people. Basic difference in beliefs of BJP/RSS Vs Congress (7:12) We believe India is its people, the BJP/RSS believe that it’s a geography. We believe all should have equal access, they believe certain of group of people get more benefits & poorest Dalits should not get anything. Fight against BJP (9:00) BJP has a 100% of control of Media, communication & control of those structures. We have to think the organisational system much closer to the large mass of people. Fight to regain India (10:58) Issues like unemployment, price rise, regional issues & we have to coordinate our friends in the opposition. I don’t view the congress as big daddy, it is a group effort of the opposition, it is a fight to regain India. National vision of Congress against RSS (11:42) Congress is the party that has the ideology as the National level. The ideological battle that is taking place is between the national vision of RSS & the national vision of Congress. Soul of the India suppressed (13:09) I would say that from the soul of India comes the voice of India & the soul without the voice means nothing & what is happen that India’s voice has been crushed by an ideology. Economic Policy (15:10) Growth is important, but the production & infrastructure is the key. If you think it properly, there is a huge change for it, because world wants an alternative. Small & medium sectors destroyed (16:50) Jobs in India created in small & medium business sectors & that systematically attacked, destroyed by the BJP. Demonetization, GST & the Farm Laws attacks the informal structure of small & medium sector. Public Vs Private Sector (17:43) Public sector should be the key strategic industry, should not be doing thing that not strategic. Its very dangerous for one company to control all the airports, all the ports & all the infrastructures. Approach to Mass Participation (21:10) RSS has built a structure that has penetrated into the large mass. The opposition parties & the congress need to built the structure & we need to go much more aggressively to the large mass of people. Challenges India facing (22:48) We have massive level of polarisation, huge unemployment, backbone of employment broken & massive concentrate of wealth, we are going to have social problem coming without any doubt. Democracy in India is a global public good (24:53) For the first time in the history of the planet, you now going to get two visions, one is a Chinese terrestrial vision & other is a united states maritime business. There has to be a vision to counter the Chinese motives. Vision of Congress & BJP (30:08) The task for the opposition is to give a new vision to the people of India, it’s a economic vision. India & China Border issue (37:39) Chinese forces sitting in Ladakh & Doklam. We have to realize that there is problem in the border. My problem with the Government is that they don’t allow discussions. I raise the China issue, its bcoz I worried about it. Leadership Spirit (42:09) I fundamentally believe in the spirit of our country. I don’t think the opposition simply saying stop BJP, what we are saying is have an India where diverse views have space & to negotiate. Structural difference between BJP Vs Congress (48:50) We fundamentally believe that every Indian should be given the same rights, same opportunity. Declaration: The IP of this video belongs to Rahul Gandhi. Unauthorised usage is prohibited and will be prosecuted. YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Keywords: राहुल गाँधी,rahul gandhi media interaction today,rahul gandhi news today,rahul gandhi speech today,rahul gandhi latest press conference,rahul gandhi speech in parliament,rahul gandhi live today,rahul gandhi rally today,rahul gandhi or narendera modi,rahul gandhi public meeting,rahul gandhi in london,ideas for india,ideas for india: an interaction,on the road ahead for india