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About Video - Congraulations!!!!! Soooooo there's A LOT to tell you!!! Hey Y'all! there's sooooo much going on! So lete go through it one by one, I have a lot to tell you! 👇ORDER YOUR COLORING BOOK!!!!👇 Discord (behind-the-scenes and NFT updates) . . . . . . NFTs: Need a little joy in your life? J. Cutt MERCH is NOW available! J. Cutt Productions: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Editor/Photographer: Robert Castillo Instagram: YouTube: Keywords: Art,black art,black artist,black people,procreate,adobe,ipad pro,animation,speed drawings,timelapse,art process,Congraulations,congraulations,celebration,discord,updates,merch,color book for kids,color book drawing,coloring books,items,items printed,behind the scenes,nft,congrats