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About Video - Callers Get It Wrong | Medicaid & Medicare Callers Get It Wrong | Medicaid & Medicare Common Misunderstandings About Medicaid & Medicare | I Answered Callers Live _________________________________________________________________________ ✅In This Video: ✔ There have been changes in the Medicare and Medicaid world, and the book addresses these changes. ✔ There is a process called Medicaid redetermination that is being implemented nationwide after a public health emergency. It involves re-examining the qualifications of Medicaid recipients. ✔ Medicaid recipients are receiving letters with questions about their financial resources for re- qualification. ✔ Medicare has notable changes related to prescription drug benefits, and there are ongoing concerns about the financial sustainability of the program. ✅Free Medicare Guidance: Toll Free (855) 463 - 9688 ___________________________________________________________ CONNECT: ✅Subscribe to Jae's Corner on Substack: ✅$$$ Free Prescription Discount Card: ✅$$$ 2nd Free Prescription Discount Card: ✅Free Term Life Insurance Quote: ✅Free Instant Short-Term Disability Quote: ✅📆 Your private appointment ✅Free Medicare Guidance: ✅📖 Book website: ✅Twitter: ✅Twitter: #Medicare #MedicareExplained #MaximizeYourMedicare — Maximize Your Medicare by Jae Oh _______________________________________________________ Not affiliated with any governmental agency. All insurance products sold through this site are processed through the licensed entity/agent: Jae Oh, NPN 15996497. We do not offer every plan available in your area. Any information we provide is limited to those plans we do offer in your area. Please contact or 1-800-MEDICARE to get information on all of your options. Keywords: Callers Get It Wrong | Medicaid & Medicare,portfolio,maximize your medicare,jae oh medicare,medicaid eligibility,medicaid explained,medicare advantage,medicare supplement plans,medicaid and medicare,@Maximizeyourmedicare,medicaid compliant annuity,medicaid plans,cost of medicaid,Maximize your Mesicare,medicaid application,income threshold,healthcare spending,What is medicare,what is medicaid and medicare,medicare vs medicaid,medicare vs medicaid explained