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About Video - "Aidan" | Future Drifter Stories podcast On Mars, a group of astronauts deal with the abandonment of one of their own. Aidan is a vulgar spoof on a classic sci-fi conundrum. Aidan is written, directed, edited, and produced by Ethan Frank. This sci-fi audio drama is performed by Samantha Lake, Kyle Jones, and Ava Burton. Additionally, the characters Aidan, Doug, and Amadeus Prime are voiced by Ethan Frank. Musical Composition by J Anthony Allen. This is Future Drifter Stories. Dive deeper Future Drifters and drift through the science of change. @futuredrifterstories on Instagram Support us To learn more, visit Keywords: Aidan,Ethan Frank,Future Drifter Stories,Aidan podcast,Future Drifter,Future Drifter podcast,Ethan Frank actor,audio drama,audiodrama,sci-fi audio,radioplay,best sci-fi radioplay,Ethan frank podcast,aidan story,ava burton actress,samantha lake,kyle jones actor,j anthony allen,soundscape,science soundscape,podcast soundscape,ai science fiction,science fiction podcast,martian spoof,martian podcast,astronaut podcast,astronaut fiction,mars astronaut