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About Video - How to Get Out of Debt So You Can Serve God Full Time Are you in debt? As long as you are in debt, your time and your money do not belong to you. So how can you obey Jesus by giving to the needy and preaching the gospel full time when someone else owns you in this way? Debt management programs don't encourage you to take the drastic steps needed to achieve real freedom from debt, but in this video, we'll give you the biblical advice you need to know on how to clear debts quickly. Don't allow yourself to be a slave any longer! Take action today so that you can be free to serve God tomorrow!TO CONTACT: My email address can be found on the 'Community' section of my channel.What is "A Voice in the Desert"?A Voice in the Desert is anonymous. Its purpose is to point people to the message, rather than the messenger. Most modern day prophets promote themselves more than the teachings of Jesus and the true message of Revelation. A Voice in the Desert challenges that error and more. Some of the things you hear on this channel may be difficult to understand, and may offend you. The goal, however, is to sweep away dogmas and traditions to reveal what Jesus actually taught.If the message in this video had an impact on you, then please subscribe to stay up to date with more videos [].CREDITSSand blows on the Great Sand Dunes by Kelly Kochanski Creative Commons (reuse allowed) Keywords: how to get out of debt,how to get out of debt fast,debt management,freedom from debt,christian debt free,how to clear debts quickly,speak the truth,messages from god,seeking the truth,true christianity,teachings of jesus,a voice in the desert,voice in the desert