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About Video - Portugal Residence Permit and Nationality Rights Like many other countries, Portugal has its own rules and regulations regarding nationality and citizenship. Portuguese nationality law is primarily based on the principle of jus sanguinis (right of blood), meaning that individuals can acquire Portuguese nationality if they have a blood connection to Portuguese nationals. Here are some critical points regarding Portuguese nationality rights: Acquiring Portuguese Nationality: Descent (Jus Sanguinis): Individuals born to at least one Portuguese parent are generally eligible for Portuguese nationality. In some cases, individuals born outside Portugal to a Portuguese grandparent may also be qualified. Birth in Portugal: Individuals born in Portuguese territory may acquire nationality, even if their parents are not Portuguese citizens. Naturalization: Foreign nationals who have legally resided in Portugal for a certain period may apply for naturalization. The duration of legal residence required for naturalization can vary based on the circumstances (e.g., marriage to a Portuguese citizen, exceptional contributions, etc.). Dual Nationality: Portugal generally allows dual nationality, meaning that individuals can hold both Portuguese ethnicity and the race of another country. Rights and Responsibilities: Portuguese nationals enjoy various rights, including the right to reside and work in Portugal without restrictions. They also have the right to vote in national and European elections. Losing Portuguese Nationality: Portuguese nationals may lose their nationality if they voluntarily acquire another race. However, there are exceptions, and it's essential to review the specific circumstances. Renunciation: Individuals who acquire Portuguese nationality through descent or birth in Portugal may renounce their Portuguese nationality when they reach a certain age. Legal Assistance: Obtaining Portuguese nationality can involve a legal process, and individuals seeking race may benefit from legal advice or assistance. CROWN SEGMENT CONSULTANCY SERVICE UNIPESSOAL LDA – “CROWN PORTUGAL”, was established in 2018 in Lisbon, Portugal. CROWN PORTUGAL is a partner company of CROWN IMMIGRATION CONSULTANCY SERVICES PVT. LTD. JALANDHAR, INDIA. It is a unique leading consultancy service for solutions of resettlement, startup, and opening of new businesses, buying existing running businesses, forming onshore and offshore companies, and registering finance activity for self-employment. CROWN PORTUGAL is also a one-stop solution for international students who need to obtain Primary, Secondary, and Higher High-Quality education in Portugal's world-class ranking institutes. The Company has a very long and vast experience in the tourism sector to assist worldwide tourists as per their needs. The Company has ultimate solutions and knowledge for immigrants landing in Portugal and seeking legal migration advice, such as Visa Extension, applying for a Temporary Residency Card, and a Permanent Residency Card/Passport. A dedicated and well-experienced team of experts, updated with the latest Rules and Laws of Portugal and Europe, is always available to sort out any of our clients' queries. The Company has offices in various parts of the World to help clients and has successfully assisted over a thousand clients in fulfilling their resettlement dreams. The Crown team handles each case individually on its merit and offers customized advice to the clients. THE CROWN PORTUGAL believes in maintaining long-term client and Company relationships even after completing our services. Company profile worldwide download. Keywords: immigration,travel agent,lawyer,visa service,educations,investment,golden visa,portugal,immigration consulantc,portugal trc,study visa,new visa,permannent residency card,pr,lisbon,immigration study visa,ds saini,crown portugal,crown portugal immigration visa,portugal visa,new visa process on portugal,dharmjit singh saini,europe visa,visa in europe,migrate in europe