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About Video - Smarter Financial Plan learned From Other Experts | Financial Planning Financial Planning 101: What I Learned From Experts Smarter Financial Plan learned From Other Experts | Financial Planning | Plan Smarter Summary: My insights from experts on financial planning, emphasizing the importance of a process-driven approach. They highlight the impact of health status on life expectancy and discuss how it affects financial planning calculations. Additionally, the video mentions the significance of addressing cash flow needs in the present and considers the structure of financial markets. In This Video • [00:00] The speaker introduces the topic and mentions being an education fellow for the Alliance for Lifetime Income. • [00:52] They discuss the backgrounds and expertise of the group and make self-deprecating comments about their own qualifications. • [01:30] The speaker talks about sharing an agenda and highlights the importance of the income planning process in financial advisory. • [02:08] They mention a link to Professor Bernard C's insights on income planning and emphasize the need for a process before fitting in specific products. • [03:59] The speaker discusses different types of funds and the lack of focus on the overall process in financial planning. • [04:45] They mention their conversation with Bob about income planning and the role of financial institutions in creating solutions. • [06:18] The speaker highlights the importance of the income planning process and its impact on health status and time horizons. • [07:52] They discuss how changing time horizons and health status affect financial planning and the utility adjustment in decision-making. • [09:32] The speaker notes the absence of discussion on the importance of a specific number and its impact on calculations. • [10:22] They emphasize the ongoing work and attention needed in financial planning and the significance of cash flow in addressing people's needs. • [11:11] The speaker expresses concern about the lack of attention given to cash flow and the variation in time horizons. • [12:43] They discuss the value of today's dollars and the potential lack of understanding or attention from experts in the industry. • [13:28] The speaker mentions the correlation among asset classes and the impact of increased inflation rates on stocks and bonds. • [14:14] They talk about the structure of financial markets and the observations made about portfolio construction and the impact of inflation. Let's connect: 🔥 Subscribe to Jae's Corner on Substack: $$$ Join America's Cardroom and get a huge deposit bonus: $$$ Free Prescription Discount Card: $$$ 2nd Free Prescription Discount Card: Free Term Life Insurance Quote: Free Instant Short-Term Disability Quote: 📆 Your private appointment Free Medicare Guidance: 📖 Book website: 🐦Twitter: 🐦Twitter: #personalfinance #finance #talk — Maximize Your Medicare by Jae Oh Link to Free Quoting Tool: email to info at Plan Smarter: What I Learned From (Other) Experts @jaescorner Keywords: Plan Smarter: What I Learned From (Other) Experts,personal finance explained by Jae oh,plan smarter: what i learned from (other) experts,smarter business through video,smarter,purdue experts,legal experts trump,expert opinion,@jaescorner ​,insights from experts on financial planning,Smarter Financial Plan learned From Other Experts | Financial Planning | Plan Smarter,how to save money smart tips,plan,tips,stock,expert,market,smart plan,hidden tips,leared expert