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About Video - Fitbit Charge & Charge 2 HR Factory Reset, Delete & Erase Data Instructions & Guide NEW UPDATE 2 Factory Reset Help Guide: alternative method for this is available on my channel: reset on a Fitbit Charge HR. If you have an old Fitbit or have been given one and can't connect it to your phone or computer, chances are you need to do a full reset.Get fitbit here:Amazon UK: US: CA: the instructions in the video or fast forward to around 3:45 for written instructions.To reset Fitbit charge 2 - video here: to Reset, Delete, and Restoring to factory settings for Fitbit Charge HR.1. Connect Fitbit to USB Charger Cable like if you are charging your fitbit.2. Hold down the fitbit button for 10 – 15 seconds until you see the fitbit version on the display.3. Once you see the fitbit version unplug it from the USB charger while holding down the button.4. Release and Hold the fitbit button until you see the ALT & white screen.5. Release & Hold until you see the VIBE on the screen and the fitbit vibrates6. Release & Hold until you see ERROR 0X00097. Then you will see ERASE on the screen you can release the fitbit button- it is now back to factory setting and all the data are deleted.If when trying to reset the fitbit it just simply dies or you don't succeed, just disconnect the Fitbit and the USB cable completely.Now connect the USB cable to the Fitbit, then go ahead and connect the USB end of the cable to the charger or a powered USB port, and wait about 4 the side button and keep the button pressed in for about 5 seconds you will see the light (sensor) flash twice then you can release the button and in about 5 seconds or so it should attempt to restart.You can then check to see if it has erased the data. This process WONT ALWAYS WORK the first time or in some case not at all, and you may need several attempts depending how bad or corrupted the Fitbits ROM or software is.If this fails you can buy a new one here:Amazon UK: US: CA: for watching! Please feel free to comment here or go and have your say on social media. Send me a private email if you have a product you would like unboxed or reviewed.Email mike@mikesunboxing.comYouTube http://www.mikesunboxing.comDISCLAIMER: are an Amazon and global affiliate partner, so if you visit either site please use any of the links below.Amazon UK: US: CA: : will COST YOU NOTHING but Amazon or will give us a very very small commission payment, to help keep the channel going!Most the items reviewed or featured are either borrowed or purchased by either myself or my family or friends. So any comments or recommendations are genuine.If we get given or are paid to promote or review from companies or shops we will make that clear in the video.All descriptions and features are in my own words, So if there are any mistakes or omissions, we are very sorry! Always check out the items reviewed in the links provided before making a purchase or following any tutorials! You have been warned :-) Keywords: reset,tutorial,charge,wipe,delete,factory,health,monitor,settings,iphone,android,mobile,cell,blaze,surge,mend,fix,restore,help,mikesunboxing,fitbit,erase,data,personal,charge 2,how,stored,alta,guide,step,by,issue,tracker,steps,pedometer,heart,rate,walkthrough,app,online,store,factory reset fitbit charge 2,how to reset fitbit charge 2,reset fitbit charge 2,how to factory reset fitbit charge 2,fitbit charge 2 factory reset