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About Video - Eritrea 2020 - ዝተፈላለዩ ናይ ግእዝ ሶፍትዌራት እንረኽበላ ዌብሳይት Zarina is an Eritrean youtube channel providing entertainment, educational and technology videos. We provide funny habesha videos , entertainment videos, tech news,sports, tech reviews, educational videos, software videos, tutorials, internet ,smartphones and How-To. Making tech knowledge easy to find, understand and use.We have renewed zeal to bring you even more content covering a wider variety of topics in entertainment and technology.FACEBOOK - TELEGRAM - is from you and for you. Please share and subscribe to watch and enjoy what we bring you every time. ሰላምኩም ይብዛሕ Keywords: eritrea,ethiopia,tigray,eritrean movie,eritrea movie 2020,eritrean news,account,eritrea movie,eritrean,eritrean music,eritrean new movie,eritrean news today,ethiopia news today,ethiopian movie 2020,new eritrean film 2020,new eritrean movie,new eritrean movie 2020,tigray movie,tigrigna,ኮምፕዩተር,habesha funny videos,eritrea funny videos,eritrean funny videos,ethiopian funny videos,ethiopia funny video,ኤርትራ,ትግርኛ,ኣስመራ