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About Video - HAPPY NEW YEAR! First LIVE Video of 2023 LIVE!!!!! 🤩 | Top Tier Cartoons! Happy New Year Y'all! I'm picking the best 90s and early 2000s cartoons using Join me as I rank and debate some of the most iconic and beloved cartoons from this era. What were your favorites? Let me know in the comments and let's see how they stack up on the tier list. NEW Etsy Shop: 👇ORDER YOUR COLORING BOOK AND ABC BOOK!!!!👇 . . . . . . PATREON Twitch: Discord (behind-the-scenes and NFT updates) Need a little joy in your life? J. Cutt MERCH is NOW available! NFTs: J. Cutt Productions: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Editor/Photographer: Robert Castillo Instagram: YouTube: Keywords: tier list,cartoon,cartoon network,cartoon tier list,cartoons,adventure time,nickelodeon,spongebob,list,gravity falls,90s cartoons,tier,animation,family guy,south park,bobs burgers,tv,top 10,watchmojo,fast food tier list,food tier list,nicktoons,steven universe,star vs the forces of evil,invader zim,danny phantom,best cartoon,disney,reaction,cartoon crush tier list,tier list maker,funny tier list,cartoon network tier list