VidRise.com is a revolutionary new web app in marketing of your YouTube videos.

- Before VidRise -

If you haven't noticed already, when you post a YouTube link on Facebook it gives you an ugly and poor looking icon, like this:

How is that even inviting to click? You're having to resort to posting an image and then telling your viewers to check comments for the link to watch the video. That's to much work for you AND your viewers.

- Enter VidRise.com -

VidRise takes the same YouTube video and displays it the way it should be, like this:

Your BIG, CLICKABLE, and WATCHABLE YouTube video directly on Facebook. WOW!

And not only that, have the ability to change your titles and thumbnail so you can present each video differently for EACH Facebook post.

Nope. We only display your video better on Facebook, but it's the same video.
Of course! All VidRise does is take your YouTube video and display's it bigger and better on Facebook. Every view that watches your video from VidRise is counted by YouTube.
Nope! All the magic happens in our links. Our links are safe and trusted by over 10k+ users.
None! Wait what? Yep. We require ZERO permissions
100% free for everyone. Free users are allowed to create 10 links per week. If you're needing more than 10 links per week, we highly suggest upgrading to our Sharer plan.

Sharer plan offers:

  • Unlimited links
  • Access to Link History (View all your links)
  • Redirect directly to YOUR YouTube channel
  • Link Timer (link expiry)
Of course. Ads shows up, views count, everything is the same.